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Chequed Job Fit Assessment - What is it?

ChequedFit™ is a cloud-based pre-employment assessment tool that helps hiring managers weed out low potential candidates and focus only on candidates with the highest potential. ChequedFit™ works by identifying a candidate’s core competencies as they relate to job and company fit, thereby helping hiring managers reduce turnover rates and increase productivity.

How does it work?

A candidate is entered into the system and then invited, with just a click, to take the ChequedFit™ assessment. The candidate then receives an invitation via email and completes the assessment online at his or her convenience.

The assessment uses fundamentals of Industrial and Organizational Psychology developed in conjunction with one of the top I/O Psychology Research Industries in the country – The State University of New York at Albany. This exclusive science allows ChequedFit™ to accurately determine not only if a candidate is capable of doing a job, but also if they are willing to do a job. This incredible software also knows exactly which questions to ask to determine if a candidate is
being truthful, delivering only the most accurate results to the hiring

Why use it?

You can hire with confidence using ChequedFit™. Gone are the days of sorting through countless resumes, all of which blend together in your mind when you’re done anyway. Gone are the days of trying to distinguish truthful information from

biased information, only to make your hiring decision based on guess work anyway. ChequedFit™ provides an in-depth analysis of your candidates, including a summarizing report as well as a breakdown of each individual competency.

ChequedFit™ is available for both hourly and salaried hires, as well as fully customizable to your company’s positions and corporate culture.

What does it measure?

The Chequed Job Fit assessment works off an intelligent platform linked to the ONet (the world's most comprehensive job description library) so you can be confident that when you assess for each job, the results will 'speak' specifically to your position.

The resulting report ranks candidates in order of job fit on a 1 to 5 scale, both individually and as a group.

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The Chequed platform can also intergrate with the Chequed Online Reference Checker  



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