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With over 150 industry and job-specific benchmarks, and the ability to build your own, Big 5 (Formerly PeopleCLUES) is the most cost-efficient pre-employment screening assessment tool on the market enabling businesses to test ALL candidates for mid to lower entry positions where work-attitude causes most problems and employee turn over. As of February 2019, we have completed over 11.5 million assessment!

Big 5 Measures Four Dimensions

1. Personality

Built upon the well-accepted “Big 5” concept of core personality traits, also includes a “Teamwork” and “Good Impression” scale. The Big 5 Personality takes approximately 6 minutes to complete. The specific measurements are:

Conscientious (Organization)
Conventional (Rules):
Extroversion (Outgoing)
Emotional Stability

Faking Scale: A validity scale that measures the degree to which the person has responded frankly to the test items or is responding in such a way as to make a good impression.

2. Cognitive

There is little question among Personnel Psychologists that the ability to process and retain information quickly—is a necessary skill that transcends most jobs. A higher level of cognitive ability is not necessarily associated with job success. What matters is “the fit” with the requirements of the job.

The Big 5 Cognitive Assessment measures problem solving and learning speed by assessing verbal, numerical and spatial reasoning and then combining these to create one overall cognitive ability score – A 7 minute timed test.

3. Attitudes

The Big 5 Attitude Assessment measures six areas of potentially counterproductive behaviours as well as a Good Impression (validity) scale. Take about 5 minutes to complete. The scales measured are:

Conscientious (Dependability)
Hostility (Aggression)
Integrity (Honesty)
Substance Abuse (Drugs and Alcohol)
Sexual Harassment
Computer Misuse (Personal use of company computer)

Faking Scale: Measures the degree to which the person has responded truthfully to the test items or is responding in such a way as to make a good impression.

4. Employee Engagement

Measures the engagement between an individual, their job and employer.

Company Commitment - Individuals who are highly engaged with their employer tend to be loyal to their employers and see their jobs as a source of pride and enjoyment.

Job Commitment - Individuals who are highly engaged with their job are typically inspired to go above and beyond their job description to help meet business goals.

This 6-minute assessment will tell you if your candidate has a high degree of work motivation, a commitment to the job itself. And if they have a positive view of one’s employer, especially its management.


The Big 5 online system is designed to be used without any training or specific expertise. Most new users of the Big 5 system are up and running within day’s end. We are able to privately brand the assessments and your administration site.

The Big 5 assessment system is modular – choose to assess for personality, cognitive ability, attitudes or engagement as one test, or individually select and mix. You can also access optional reports for Leadership, Coaching and On-Boarding.

Design by leading personnel psychologists, Goodstein & Lanyon.

Visit out dedicated Global Big 5 website for more in-depth information. Go HERE 

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