DISCStyles Profiler

Crafted specifically to assist organisations in understanding how behaviours impact the success of their employees—and how this links to the bottom line.

Based on theories originally developed by Dr. William Marston in the late 1920’s, and adapted for effortless facilitation and corporate buy-in, our DISCStyles Profiler is a highly validated tool trusted by several Fortune 500 companies, the United States Military, and professional consultants worldwide.

This easily administered 30-item assessment includes use of three interpersonal settings to maximise contextual authenticity (work, home, social). Each of the three standard interpretive graphs are plotted enabling a complete view of your preferred style, and since the DISCStyles assessment can be completed in only 10­–15 minutes you gain valuable time for individual coaching sessions or group discussions.

Product Benefits:

  • Gain awareness of personal strengths and motivations
  • Uncover career development opportunities
  • Improve methods for interpersonal communication
  • Enhance conflict resolution ability
  • Create 360-degree feedback for your leaders
  • Build and strengthen teams
  • Improve professional relationships internally and externally


Dimensions of DISC

The assessments classify four aspects of behaviour by testing a person's preferences in word associations. DISC is an acronym for:

Dominance – relating to control, power and assertiveness (Note: Sometimes the word Drive is used in place of Dominance)

Influence – relating to social situations and communication (Note: Sometimes the word Inducement is used in place of Inducement)

Steadiness – relating to patience, persistence, and thoughtfulness (Note: Sometimes the word Submission is used in place of Submission)

Compliance – relating to structure and organization (Note: Sometimes the words Caution or Conscientiousness are used in place of Compliance)

These four dimensions can be grouped in a grid with "D" and "I" sharing the top row and representing extroverted aspects of the personality, and "C" and "S" below representing introverted aspects. "D" and "C" then share the left column and represent task-focused aspects, and "I" and "S" share the right column and represent social aspects. In this matrix, the vertical dimension represents a factor of "Assertive" or "Passive", while the horizontal dimension represents "Open" vs. "Guarded".


The DISC assessment tool is used to identify 15 patterns:

  • Achiever, Agent, Appraiser
  • Counselor, Creative, Developer
  • Inspirational, Investigator, Objective Thinker
  • Perfectionist, Persuader, Practitioner
  • Promoter, Results Oriented, Specialist

Download and view a DISCStyles sample report HERE

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