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Prevue is a leading provider of job-fit compatibility assessments that helps companies create high-performing teams by understanding what drives their employees. With over 20 years of assessment experience and 10+ million candidates assessed, our predictive tools enable people to establish the likelihood of success in an employment position. Subjective hiring can subject your company to potential mistakes.

Because of this, organisations around the world use Prevue as their strategic hiring partner. A combination of our three psychometrics assessments, numerous custom reports, and intuitive ATS can help you make objective hiring decisions, reduce turnover, and create a better fit for your teams.


Prevue is Three Tests in One.

It takes about an hour to complete. Tests can also be modularized. Plus the ability to construct instant job benchmarks and compare candidates against several reporting options.

Prevue Abilities Tests

Often referred to as General Mental Ability, Cognitive Reasoning or learning speed this test measures a job candidate’s abilities described in terms of:

* Working with Numbers (Numerical Reasoning);
* Working with Words (Language Skills); and
* Working with Shapes (Spatial Reasoning)

Time to complete: 18 minutes (timed)

Prevue Interest Inventory

Provides an assessment of a candidate’s areas of interest described in terms of their interest in:

* Working with Data;
* Working with People; and
* Working with Things.

Time to complete: 10-15 min on average (untimed)

Prevue Personality Inventory

Based upon the Big 5, the recognised personality scales for occupational assessment instruments. The major scales are Independence, Conscientiousness, Extraversion and Emotional Stability, (ICES). Each of these major scales is constructed from two sub-scales, details of which are contained in the Prevue Assessment Technical Manual.

Time to complete: 20-30 minutes on average (untimed)


The Prevue benchmarking process helps identify and define those cognitive, motivational, and personality attributes that are associated with success on the job - Job-Fit.

A candidate’s measured attributes are compared to the benchmark yielding an overall percentage match of suitability, a Total Person narrative and a summary of each measured characteristic.

The overall percentage match figure helps management rank applicants in the order of their job suitability. The Prevue Selection Report generates behavioural interview questions specific to the benchmark.

How Are Benchmarks Created?

Prevue benchmarks are customised to the organization's job specifications. This is accomplished in several ways:

    1. Job Description Survey – Completed by people who “know” the job (15 mins).
    2. Concurrent Validation Study – Test current high performers.
    3. Combination – Combining the above into one benchmark.
    4.  Manual – Suitable for job experts

The Prevue benchmark process is completely self-contained, enabling clients to use this feature at any time and any location. The one-off benchmarking fee for each job equals the cost of one assessment.

Report Options

Several reporting options are available, all included for each processed candidate:

*Approach to Work
*Succession Planning - using candidates or positions 

NEW Report Option (September 2017)

*Retail Sales Job Fit Screening Assessment - Personality only base on the 4 major Prevue personality scales - 10-minute assessment, fast, accurate, benchmarked to Retail Sales. DOWNLOAD SAMPLE 


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