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The Ultimate Tool for Sales Selection

SalesMax Measures:

  •     Sales Personality: 11 scales
  •     Sales Knowledge: 6 stages of selling cycle
  •     Sales Motivations: 8 scales

When should SalesMax be used?

In the employment selection process, after initial qualification screening, but before the main interview.

Who is it for?

Professional, service-oriented salespeople (Agents, Outside Salespeople, Consultants, etc.) SalesMax is a pre-employment assessment for the selection of top performing salespeople for professional, consultative sales positions.

Runs from any Internet connection anywhere, anytime, worldwide. Simple for the Hiring Manager to administer. Log into the test site, enter password and test at will. You get automatic notification on test completion, process reports immediately.

How does SalesMax differ from other sales assessments?

SalesMax is a state-of-the-art Internet platform that produces work-related narrative reports to assist in the selection of outside or internal candidates for professional sales positions.

It was designed and validated with top sales performers and built around a consultative sales approach. The SalesMax System provides immediate testing, evaluation and reporting at your site. The SalesMax selection report provides:

  • A Success Index – The probability of the candidate’s success in a sales role.
  • Interview and Reference Probes – Helpful guides for the interviewer to follow-up on areas of potential weakness.
  • Management Suggestions – Recommendations for how to manage the candidate if you hire him.

To get a deeper understanding of the SalesMax assessment platform checkout our dedicated SalesMax website.


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