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Online Reference Check is a competency driven system using assessment based logic. It's candidate-driven, user-friendly and highly predictive of future job success. It's a web-based solution that automates the reference check process. This not only saves hours of administration time, and give you scored references based on whether the candidate(s) CAN and WILL do your specific job!

Traditional reference checks are TIME-CONSUMING - Research confirms it takes 90 minutes, minimum to reference check by phone (and that's just ONE job!).

The conversational nature of phone references means they are not standardised (inconsistent) making it difficult to compare candidates. Therefore they don’t provide any meaningful insight on how a prospective employee will perform, thus delivering minimal value to the hiring decision. Phone references are traditional based on what the candidate is 'like', not on whether they have the competency to do YOUR job.

There are three key reasons why reference checking is often missed, or poorly done:

1. The phone tag with potential referees is too bothersome. Hiring managers can't spare the time (or indeed can't be disciplined) to collect a usable number of references.

2. The time it takes to check the references is difficult as most referees are unavailable, too busy, or given it's a cold call, are reluctant to speak in honest terms.

3. The references are not standardised to the job and therefore cannot be scored. This allows bias and personal assumptions.

Return on Investment

Our Online Reference Checking System does everything for you. All you have to do is send the candidate a link, they do the rest. It’s as easy as that!

Online Reference Checking is Super Efficient

Utilising our standard or customised reference check surveys (there are over 1000 job competency models), the system reaches out to as many potential referees you want - our default is 5 with the ability to process after 3. This allows you to push reference checking right up front of the selection process. A very powerful filtering out process for high application jobs. 

Get Better Responses

Online Reference Check gets better responses than the typical phone tag reference checking method since the referees can complete the survey on his/her own time. Confidentiality assurance makes the referees feel safe sharing the valuable information you need from a reference. They are rating the person's competence to do YOUR job, not as phone references often do, rate the personal aspects of the individual. 

Typically we average 5 references per candidate. We have an 80% completion rate and it takes referees an average of 2 to three minutes to complete 

The Advantages of Online Referencing - DOWNLOAD CASE STUDY HERE

Studies indicate that automated references are more accurate than those conducted using live phone calls. The following are just a few of these advantages:

Less Expensive – Surveys conducted using online technology are much less expensive because when an individual or a recruiter is making the call, he or she is using time that could be spent doing other tasks more appropriate for his/her skill level. No labour is required.

More Timely References – Because automated online references are conducted by technology rather than humans, a larger number of references can be checked all at once.

More Frequent References – Due to less cost and faster turnaround, automated reference checks can be conducted more frequently, and earlier in the selection process providing you with more timely and up to date results.

Consistent Competency Based Questions – Automated reference checks have predetermined questions based on the specific job competencies. These are presented to each respondent is the same and consistent way.

Eliminates Selection Bias – Human error is eliminated. A person checking references checks may unwittingly ask questions in a biased or leading manner. And draw personal conclusions from answers. 

Respondents Tend To Be More Honest – Studies show that respondents are likely to answer questions more honestly if responding to an automated system rather than a person.

Ready to Use Surveys or Customise - Online Reference Check has over 1000 reference check surveys already loaded for use; however, you can also tailor the current surveys or you can create your own. You can have as many surveys as wish.

Costing Model

Our platform is based on an unlimited annual user licence. This is based on employee headcount. Most organisations pay an annual fee of around $2500. Do the math! If you are paying your HR team $35 an hour, that equates to 4 reference checks a month. Now you can automate the process and conduct UNLIMITED checks allowing HR to be more productive building more productivity with current staff. Plus, due to our scientific assessment logic, you get scorable data that is predictive of job performance. You can filter out unsuitable candidates early saving huge administration time and hiring manager bias.

But Wait, There's More!

Our platform also allows you to build a talent bank with referees (optional). An exit questions(s) asks satisfaction in their current job, the likelihood of seeking a new position and an invite to join your talent bank. This is very powerful and we are seeing a 60% opt-in.     

We know you are going to love Online Reference Check. See a demo in the column opposite. Call the team at AssessAdvantage on 09 414 6030. Or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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