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We all agree – face-to-face interviewing is tedious and time-consuming (expensive!)

Sure, Skype helped with interviewing remote candidates, but you still had to manually conduct the interview. On-Demand Interviewing is a better solution.

On-Demand Video Interviewing is a revolutionary online job candidate pre-screening tool, using captured video responses.

Our solution allows recruiters to save considerable time on tasks such as arranging appointments, working across time zones, and managing large volumes of candidates.

Before hiring a single coder, more than 50 stakeholder interviews were conducted with recruiters in 7 countries.

Based on this feedback, the site was constructed, all the while staying in touch with these stakeholders to hone our offering as we progressed.

How On-Demand Interviewing Works

A simple 4 step process for remotely screening candidates – replace the initial phone interview with a candidate managed video interview.

    1. AssessAdvantage sets up your branded website and loads your job(s) with job-specific interview questions – our experts’ help you design questions or choose from our supplied library.
    2. You input candidates’ names and email addresses into your site and email out interview invitations
    3. Candidates, in their own time, can practice interview ensuring correct equipment set up and confidence (different “practise” questions used). When ready candidate proceeds to record the job specific interview.
    4. In their own time frame, hiring managers can log into your site and view interviews, make notes and rate candidates.

Our system is simple and very easy to use for both hiring managers AND candidates.

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Candidates enjoy video interviewing!

  • Easy to use, no training required!

  • Convenient and fits into any candidate's schedule!

  • Secure and keeps information private

Let us show you the candidate experience during the On-Demand Video Interview process; from the time an email invite is received, right through to the completion of the full interview, rating it and disseminating to Hiring Managers. CLICK HERE

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